The Founder of CPSA

Roberto Delgado began the business Del-Kleen in 1961 in Laredo, Tx. He paved the way for other small family owned businesses in Laredo to develop and grow in the city. Del-Kleen was one of the first custodial companies in Laredo to be locally owned and operated. He served in WWII and was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Roberto Delgado sold the business in 1979 to Miguel Delgado, his son, which changed the name to Border Maintenance Service. In 2003 Miguel Delgado, Sr. sold the company. Mike Delgado, Jr. purchased an exclusive dealership from Ceiling Pro International for Central South Texas. Roberto continued to attend many company functions and workshops until his passing in 2008. Roberto Delgado's legacy continues to this third generation company which has diversified itself into the 21st century with Green Cleaning and Specialty Cleaning Techniques.

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Roberto Delgado -
"Thank you for your continued support and service."

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