A Unique Cleaning Process That Saves
You Money.

Welcome to Ceiling Pro of San Antonio. We specialize in ceiling tile cleaning and restoration, but offer a variety of other cleaning services to commercial properties; including custodial, green cleaning programs, and floor care services.

Most people don’t know that you can clean and restore ceiling tiles. Cleaning is a great alternative to painting or replacing stained, dirty, and dingy tiles. Ceiling Pro specializes in ceiling tile cleaning and restoration as well as many other specialty cleaning projects. Our process is not only cost effective, but it’s safe for you and the environment. Let us give you a free demonstration. The results will amaze you!

Our Mission

To fulfill all specialty cleaning needs of our customers and in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality, and value.

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C.P.S.A. is Going Green! Team members wear their new "Going Green" t-shirt to bring awareness in our cleaning industry. We proudly support this initiative throughout our community.

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